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BeamNG.drive has released a gargantuan update


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BeamNG.drive is a sandbox car driving simulator that offers an unbelievable model of damage. What almost every other modern racing game has to offer looks like a joke. Each crash is similar to a crash test video - you just have to see it. Added to this is a realistic driving model, varied open maps, full mod support and continuous project development. The game is still in Early Access, but some people already consider BeamNG.drive a total car.

The team behind BeamNG.drive has released a gargantuan update to their eponymous physics-based driving game, updating the sim to v0.25.

This update brings the fierce and charming Civetta Scintilla, which is a mid-engine supercar packed with a V10 engine. The developers call this the most advanced car with a complex driving dynamic system and a unique physics skeleton. That’s not all, since the Civetta Scintilla’s engine can also be swapped with a V8 Gasoline or V8 Diesel version, which gives players more freedom with modifications.

And, nearly 100 missions have been added to the game, new task types have been introduced, and the campaign has been remodeled to be less linear. Local scoreboards have also been introduced for each mission, with detailed statistics such as distance traveled and time achieved.

Garage Mode makes a return, with an updated User Interface helping make this area an ideal location for screenshots of your favourite cars – with or without their bodywork attached. Camera presets have been added alongside the ability to click through lighting for the vehicles and the garage environment.

The new update is expansive in its scope, with are gargantuan quantity of improvements and bug fixes.

BeamNG.drive Update 0.25

Added sound support for nitrous purging
Added tire data module to generic gauges
Added “Axle Lift” controller for very low cars
Added controller for pyrotechnic charges
Implemented better unit support for generic gauges
Implemented AVAS support for electrics vehicles
Improved UI support for twin-charge systems
Improved lightbar controller configurability
Improved sound control of pneumatic systems
Improved switch between D/S and M modes on DCT
Post crash brake controller now also takes acceleration in the Z axis into account
Exposed some kickplate properties and events via electrics
Fixed some timing constants not applying to electric vehicles
Fixed a bug where the two-step limiter could remain active outside its operational limits
Fixed generic gauge remaining range calculation for ICE vehicles
Fixed range calculation not taking fuel type into account
Fixed DCT M mode being displayed incorrectly in arcade behavior
Fixed an issue where configuring the generic gauges didn’t work correctly with multiple parts
Fixed DCT being stuck in current gear after using M mode
Fixed Adaptive Brake Lights not working correctly together with Post CrashBrake under some circumstances
Fixed bug with “electrics.values.running” being true even though engine was turned off with transmission/gearbox removed

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