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Osijek vs Istra


Experts' odds and analysis of the Asian Handicap and Over/Under.
PREDICTION FOR NK OSIJEK VS ISTRA 1961 NK Osijek has a favorable head-to-head record against Istra 1961. In their 49 previous meetings across all competitions, NK Osijek has won 24, drawn 15, and lost only 10 matches. However, in the upcoming rematch against Istra 1961, NK Osijek is still doubtful about their ability to bring joy to their fans despite playing at home.

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After 30 rounds in the Croatian First Football League this season, NK Osijek has garnered 39 points, ranking fifth on the table. Istra 1961, on the other hand, has collected 38 points and is currently in seventh place. With only a one-point gap between the two teams, Istra 1961 is confident enough to aim for at least one draw in the upcoming match.
In recent games, NK Osijek has shown signs of declining performance. In their last 13 matches across all competitions, they have not won any games, including 7 losses and 6 draws. On the other hand, Istra 1961 is still trying to secure points, with 8 unbeaten games out of their last 10 matches, including 3 wins and 5 draws.
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  • Asian Handicap Odds (0:1/2): In recent games against Istra 1961 at home, NK Osijek usually handicapped -1 to -2. Therefore, with the same handicap of -1/2 in the upcoming game, NK Osijek is considered an unsafe investment option. Prediction: Istra 1961.
  • Over/Under Odds (2 1/4): As the underdog, Istra 1961 is expected to win the handicap bet, making the Over scenario less likely. In the last 10 games between the two teams, only 7 games had two goals or more, giving investors more reason to bet on Under. Prediction: Under.
Score Prediction: NK Osijek 1-1
Istra 1961 Asian Handicap Prediction: Istra 1961
Over/Under Prediction: Under
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